Showing the success – a possible solution?

I’m pleased to have resonated with a few people through my last post. I’ve had some positive comments via Twitter and this has led me to following a few people, as well as gaining a few followers. And through this, I might have found at least one answer to the key question I posed earlier: how might we show success in lessons?

A retweet from @PaulGarvey4, which he himself had retweeted from @WillGourley, and which he had retweeted from @ijukes, led me to see this:

Alt Hw (see here)

On first glance, I regarded it an alternative way for students to complete homework. But a second glance suggested that it wasn’t solely intended for homework, but for class activities too. And then something clicked in my mind:

Isn’t the way for students to show that they have succeeded in ‘So That’ criteria X simply getting them to use/demonstrate that skill within the next level of Bloom’s Taxonomy?


  • A student will show that they know what a diameter is, if they can show a diameter on a diagram of a circle
  • A student will show that they understand the formula for area of a circle by applying this to calculate the area of the centre circle of a football pitch
  • A student will show that they can apply the formulae for area of various shapes by analysing an exam question and finding the deliberate mistake

And so on…..

As I write this, I’m still not sure – if students are moving up to skill level 3 to show they can accomplish skill level 2, don’t we want to be pushing them again? The original picture definitely had the feel of getting students to do an activity that pushed them on a level – but maybe I’ve got it completely wrong.

As ever, thoughts/opinions most welcome!


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