Day 2 reflections – Don’t worry about a thing….

….’cos every (little) thing is gonna be alright!’

Well, day 2 seemed to begin with a bit of internal contrived panic – I had a last minute revision session with my year 11s despite not having seen them yet – but once that had passed, things seemed to become clearer in my mind. I ran around less, people came to find me less, and I taught a few lessons, too!

It just takes a bit of getting used to. All of it. Having my own room again (I still keep thinking somebody’s going to come and take it off me any time now!), split lunches, and the quiet on the corridors at break and lunch (it’s out of bounds for students). I love the PD system the school has – instantaneous and with no follow up or paperwork required! As a result, my lessons need tightening up a bit, but I’ll get there soon enough.

There are still of course SOME issues, but it is still early days. I have noticed I am slouching at the board, and in fact I’m doing too much at the board full stop. A balance that needs redressing. Overall, though, today was a much happier day than yesterday, and I suspect tomorrow will be even calmer still. My books are neatly filed, my seating plans written up neatly and printed out, my desk is tidy. My inbox is virtually empty. I’m feeling much more organised, and once again my new colleagues have been amazingly supportive. And I’m even smiling, more so than I ever did at my last school (again, new year, new habit!)

And best of all, it’s nearly Friday…..!


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